• We’re looking to engage with people and companies with ideas that standout, disturbing the status quo.

  • If you are an ambitious individual, unique start-up or progressive SME in our sector looking for investment, support and guidance to enable you to out-perform your current capabilities, we would be interested in hearing from you.

    We are always excited to hear new ideas and to meet potential new partners to strengthen the group.

    Geoff Andrew

    Executive Chairman

  • We invest for the long term, with the ability to support our companies from start-up to exit.


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  • We have a long history in helping establish and grow companies in Real Estate, Design, Professional Services and Sub Contracting and our experience spans much further than this. If you are interested in a new business initiative in a sector not mentioned below it may still be worth getting in touch to discuss your opportunity.

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    Real Estate

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    Professional Services

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    Sub Contracting

We have a team-oriented approach to building breakthrough companies.

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